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Kisai Entertainment, founded in 2017, is Indonesia’s leading webtoon production house, focused on crafting webtoon legacies that resonate across generations and illuminate the paths for storytellers and artists in Southeast Asia.

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Our ultimate goal is to be the go-to source of entertainment and inspiration in the webtoon industry, creating a lasting impact on our readers and the world around us.

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Creating a lasting impact on our readers
and the world around us

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Storytellers restore imagination and instill hope again and again
Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid of standing still
Appreciate even the smallest things in life, like a cup of tea to begin your day. 🍵
It’s the nature of life that things don’t stay the same
I believe CATS will rule the world
Always spread love and kindness everywhere you go
if one picture can tell a thousand stories, one comic can tell a million stories
Manager by day, Comedian by night
No need to bear the hardships of reality when you indulge in a story. Come to my utopia~
Roses are red violets are blue, omae wa mou shindeiru
It doesn't matter if you can't do it now, just don't give up
24/7 Daydreaming
Work Hard, Snack Often ☕️
Luck is just a myth
Everything you can imagine is real.
life is short, so make it worth
If There's Such a Thing as Peace, I Will Find It.
Curiosity killed the cat, but we are not cat. So stay curious, learn, and deal with the consequences.
Don't let your past mistake follow you to your future
Success is not a dream, it's a to do list!
Most days I wish I was a cat.
You have to see the world for yourself to appreciate how beautiful it is
I'll have you know that I stubbed my toe last week and only cried for 20 minutes.
Failure is just my B-roll.
Turning the pages to unfold my own story.
Live by your own design, and nobody else's.
Striving for excellence.
No matter how small it is, if it keeps you going, hold it dearly
Seeds bear new life when flowers dare to fade
Roses are blue, Violets are red, I have to go to the bathroom.
The inner machinations of my mind are an enigma🐄🥛
I built my first PC from garbage
Even in the darkest night, a single star can guide you.
Spreading sunshine and courage, one smile at a time. Fearless, independent, forever curious 💅🌟
We Did It for The Good Times and The Bad Ones
Create beauty with attitude, and make an impression with behavior

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