BREAKING! Kisai Entertainment struck a deal with Philippines Webtoon production house, Studio Pinya.

Jakarta, – On June 23, 2023, Attention to all Webtoon creators and enjoyers! Exciting news has came upon the Webtoon industry as Kisai Entertainment, Indonesia’s first and biggest Webtoon production house in Indonesia has done a deal of exclusive partnership with Philippines first Webtoon production house, Studio Pinya. Together they aim high to lead the Webtoon industry in the Southeast Asia! This historical events was done on Friday the 23rd of June at Kisai Entertainment’s headquarters in West Jakarta.

The lovely event started with Studio Pinya’s visit to Kisai’s office on the 22nd of June, bringing their own team consisting Tanya as CEO of Studio Pinya and her two officers Rose and Karen. The visit wasn’t only meant to be only for signing the contract of exclusive partnership, but a lot more! Studio Pinya was also trained by Kisai’s amazing production team on how to create the perfect top to down system of creating the perfect Webtoon!

On the second day, the long waited collaboration has come! The ceremony started with Tessa as the CEO and Editor-in-Chief of Kisai Entertainment and Tanya signing the exclusive partnership contract, witnessed by all Kisai’s staff and other legal personnel. Next came the traditional Indonesian ceremony called “tumpengan” where the celebrative parties sliced off the top of a Nasi Kuning as an act of wishing good luck and prosperity in this collaborative event.

The evening was filled with Tessa and Tanya doing their very first Webtoon podcast! The podcast talk was filled with amazing stories on how Tessa and Tanya met, how did they started their own Webtoon empire, and also how they planned this collaboration in the first place. Tessa and Tanya also shared how they viewed the Webtoonn industry in the Southeast Asia, and how are they planning to not only develop the quality, but also lead the region to a better standard. This first Webtoon podcast by Kisai and Pinya are soon to be available on Youtube and other social media platform so stick out for the news!

The event closed with an Indonesian styled dinner between the core team of Studio Pinya and Kisai Entertainment. the two parties chatted casually whilst planning their next step on making both of their dream comes true. This collaboration will surely not be the end as it was only the first step towards more bigger steps to gather all amazing webtoon creators in the Southeast Asia and also develop the region’s level to match and eventually overlap other top Webtoon producing countries such as Japan and South Korea. All the best for Kisai Entertainment and Studio Pinya! -Kirara-


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