Colorist (Romance)



We are looking for a Colorist (Romance) to join our amazing Webtoon production team!

Responsibilities :

  • Apply base colors, shading and apply finishing touches, effects, and rendering to approximately 65-70 panels of the webtoon, including mobs and props  based on the genre
  • Meet deadlines of 5-6 days per chapter, considering the genre.
  • Ensure that the coloring aligns with the direction provided by the Art Director.
  • Maintain consistent quality and coloring throughout the episodes.
  • Collaborate with the editor and publisher on revisions and incorporate their feedback.

Requirements :

  • Proficiency in Clip Studio Paint and its features (such as: utilizing csp assets for color) is essential.
  • Has a good sense of fundamental colors and effect composition.
  • Demonstrate professionalism and excellent time management skills.
  • Currently not engaged in any other full-time work or studies.
  • Provide a portfolio showcasing webtoon color example (a plus).
  • Show willingness to learn and enhance your skills. Open to learning and adjusting your coloring style to match the required style.
  • Possess proficiency in written English

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