How Kisai’s Editorial Bootcamp Shapes the High-Quality Webtoon Checks

Jakarta, – On February 29, 2024, Editorial Bootcamp is an intensive training program designed for Art Editors that aims to deepen their hard skills and improve their soft skills related to the webtoon creation process. This year, Editorial Bootcamp was held on February 20 to 24, 2024.

This 5-day bootcamp was led and supervised by Kisai’s Art Directors, Caca & Rucita, designed to provide focused training tailored to the needs of the Art Editor team. Kisai’s Art Editor team was divided into two groups: romance and action, with each group receiving specialized instruction based on their genre.

During the training, the Art Editors were tasked with breaking down international webtoon titles to analyze the technical aspects of their production, such as shading styles, effects, coloring techniques, and other relevant methods. At the end of each discussion, they were required to practice the styles they had learned and present their work for evaluation.

One of the focal points for the romance team was the application of 3D Backgrounds. This topic was chosen as the entire romance team expressed a desire to improve in this area and learn the process of integrating 3D backgrounds effectively. Meanwhile, the action team focused on collaborative sketching sessions, also known as croquis, as they often encountered scenes requiring dynamic movements from various angles.

Apart from honing their hard skills, the editorial team also honed their soft skills. On the last day, they engaged in case studies that addressed common challenges faced in their roles as editors, whether from clients, artists or fellow editors. Problem solving, including improving communication and mindset, as well as outlining step-by-step solutions, was also emphasized.

Beyond learning, the bootcamp also fostered team bonding. Each morning, the team did cooking together, BBQ sessions, games, and other activities.

It is hoped that through this Editorial Bootcamp, Art Editors will gain a deeper understanding of the webtoon creation processes and techniques, apply them effectively, train and share insights with their teams, and communicate more effectively overall.

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