Journey to Action Scene Mastery through Sword Fighting Class

Jakarta, – On April 27, 2024, Kisai Entertainment took an exciting journey into the world of Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA). Together with the Iron Guts HEMA Club (IGHC), we dive into the art of sword fighting, seeking to upgrade the way we illustrate action scenes in our webtoons.

Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) encompasses combat arts from medieval Europe, offering a rich tapestry of historic weaponry and techniques, from swords to axes, archery to equestrian combat. Intrigued by this ancient martial tradition, we sought to explore its intricacies.

Our participation in the Sword Fighting Class was driven by one goal: to improve the quality of our webtoon’s action scenes. As webtoon comic artists, we often grapple with the challenge of creating dynamic and authentic fight sequences. While our artistic skills were honed, our understanding of martial arts was limited. This knowledge gap hinders our ability to create engaging action scenes that resonate with our audience.

The expertise and passion shown by the IGHC instructors were truly inspiring. During the class, we eagerly absorbed each lesson, contemplating the finer points of realistic fighting scenarios, debating the nuances of body positioning during swordplay, and brainstorming creative ways to depict sword fighting in our webtoons. With each question and insight, we inched closer to our goal of creating captivating and immersive action scenes. Our decision to partner with IGHC was driven not only by their reputation as the first Indonesian martial arts club to be ranked by HEMA, but also by their commitment to excellence, offering unparalleled access to authentic HEMA teachings.

Overall, our participation in the Sword Fighting Class signifies a pivotal moment in our journey as webtoonists. With newfound knowledge and inspiration, we are positioned to revolutionize our depiction of action scenes in our webtoons. -Kirara-

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