Kisai Entertainment Editorial Bootcamp: An Internal Intense Training Session for Art Editors!

Being a webtoon production house, Kisai Entertainment works alongside aspiring artists and seasoned creators. We delve into a tapestry of inspiration, collaboration, and personal growth along with them.

With the always-developing webtoon industry, Kisai Entertainment values learning and development highly for each of our crews to unlock their creative potential and hone their skills. As we aspire to reach our mission to be the leading webtoon production house in Southeast Asia, raising the standard of webtoons in the region.

For that purpose, from time to time we host an improvement session, and among them is Kisai Entertainment’s Editorial Bootcamp. The 4-day, 3-night event was held in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), separated from Kisai’s main office to ensure the main goal of leveling up the art editorial team through intense group work and exercises.


The participants of the year’s Editorial Bootcamp are the Art Directors, Junior Art Directors, as well as all the existing Art Editors of Kisai Entertainment. The event was officially opened by Kisai’s CEO and editor-in-chief, Tessa YP, starting with a powerful speech for all the

participants to focus and give their all to learn and develop from this camp. The session then begins promptly by dividing the participants into two groups based on their genre specialty, the Romance Team and the Action Team.

The first day focuses on breaking down webtoon art styles for the romance team, along with intense research and analysis on the action genre for the action team. Editors are tasked with analyzing different webtoon art styles to broaden their sense of quality checking. The results will then be checked by the Art Director and Junior Art Directors before being discussed by the whole participants.

The second day starts with each team presenting their analysis of webtoon art styles on the first day. The day continues with some practical training sessions for both teams. The romance team focuses on replicating the art style they had analyzed while the action team broke down some action storyboards to be discussed later on with everyone. The day ended with the romance team observing fashion styles for both men and women, along with the action team focusing on utilizing Clip Studio Paint (CSP) action assets.


The third day set out with the romance team breaking down background effect assets, at the same time, the action team applied the previous day’s learned assets to action panels. The last day was for all the participants to apply and practice all the learned skills during the camp.

Throughout this immersive experience, one of our Junior Art Directors, Cita, stated, “The boot camp is not simply for sharing and getting new insights only, but also for the editors to have some bonding time with each other.” This is also a constant reminder that the pursuit of creativity knows no boundaries and that we are never alone in our pursuit of artistic excellence.

As the boot camp ends, let us carry with us the lessons learned, the memories cherished, and the unyielding belief in the growing, transformative power of art.

This boot camp is just one of Kisai Entertainment’s many training and development sessions. So, see you again at the next event!

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