Kisai Entertainment’s Dive into the Action Comic Realm: Internal Workshop with Clarity from ‘Arena’

Jakarta, – On August 28, 2024, In its relentless pursuit to improve and adapt to the everchanging trends, Kisai Entertainment regularly hosts workshops, both internally and externally, designed to enrich its team’s knowledge and abilities. These workshops encompass a broad spectrum, ranging from subjects deeply rooted in individual well-being, such as personal finance and mental health, to those aimed at boosting creativity and knowledge to enhance the quality of comic production. As for both subjects, Kisai often brings in experts from the field to share their knowledge and experiences.

On August 28, 2023, an internal workshop was conducted that delved into the realm of action comics, featuring Clarity, the talented main artist behind Kisai’s action-packed comic series, Arena. Attended by Kisai’s entire in-house team, as well as remote participation from freelance Kisai team members, this workshop served as a platform for Clarity to impart her wisdom and experiences gained over several years of crafting action-packed comics.

The workshop covered a spectrum of topics, from how to create challenging character poses to crafting engaging action sequences that enthrall readers and keep them eagerly turning the pages of each comic episode.

Clarity kicked off the workshop session by delving into her personal journey, sharing the experiences and challenges she faced when she made her debut in the world of action comics back in 2011. She then navigated the audience through the intricate process of crafting a compelling action comic, beginning with the art of constructing a captivating storyboard that keeps readers engaged. Clarity also touched upon the importance of creating clean and precise line art to ensure every action scene is crystal clear and dynamic. Not stopping there, she revealed her techniques for infusing vibrant and eye-catching colors into each action-packed panel, further accentuating the intensity and excitement of the narratives.

When it comes to learning about action poses and gestures, Clarity didn’t merely rely on theoretical explanations; she actively engaged the in-house audience, encouraging them to practice various action poses firsthand. From unarmed combat stances to the use of common weapons found in action comics, the workshop was an interactive and engaging experience that truly came to life. The enthusiasm of the participants added a layer of dynamism to the session that was both refreshing and inspiring.


While Kisai Entertainment may be best known for its romance-genre comics, it is essential to recognize the captivating action comics produced by this renowned Southeast Asian webtoon production house, including titles such as Arena, which has been released on French platforms, Webtoon Factory and ONO, which recently has started its second season.

With the success of this workshop, it is evident that Kisai Entertainment is gearing up to explore and expand its horizons within the action comic genre. The insights gained from Clarity’s expertise will undoubtedly serve as a stepping stone for Kisai’s talented team as they continue to produce thrilling and action-packed comics in the future.


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