Kisai Entertainment’s Engaging Presence at Comifuro 17

Jakarta, – Comifuro 17, held on December 16-17, 2023, at ICE BSD, witnessed a lively and engaging presence from Kisai Entertainment. Kisai set up an enticing booth, offering a variety of activities such as portfolio reviews, live drawing sessions with renowned webtoon artists, a special birthday event featuring free merchandise distribution, and on-the-spot recruitment opportunities.

Over the course of the two-day event, Kisai Entertainment’s booth remained a hub of activity, attracting a steady stream of visitors. Attendees flocked to inquire about job opportunities at Kisai, gain insights into ongoing webtoon projects, or simply immerse themselves in the captivating live drawing sessions. On Day 1, the talented Fuyuki23, the main artist behind “The Beginning after The End,” and Vivilen �The Prince�s Personal Physician� took the stage, while Day 2 featured Ingwy and Efuaka, the artists behind our unreleased title.

Kisai Entertainment also hosted a noteworthy portfolio review session, wherein 30 individuals were selected, including both main artists and colorists. The portfolio review was conducted by Kisai Entertainment’s art director, providing valuable feedback and constructive criticism to aspiring artists looking to break into the industry. Adding a festive touch to the proceedings, we also celebrated birthday during the event, sang a birthday song, and gave free merchandise.

Comifuro 17 was not just an event for Kisai Entertainment; it was a platform where creativity thrived, connections were forged, and the spirit of artistic expression flourished. Our presence resonated with both seasoned professionals and budding artists, making it a memorable chapter in Kisai Entertainment’s journey. As we bid farewell to this remarkable event, we look forward to the next opportunity to connect, inspire, and create.

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