Kisai Entertainment’s Rejuvenating Retreat: Exploring Bandung’s Beauty and Delights

Jakarta, –  In a bid to unwind, recharge, and foster stronger team bonds, the enthusiastic members of Kisai Entertainment embarked on a memorable company outing from August 6th to 8th, 2023. Their destination of choice? The charming city of Bandung.

The adventure commenced on a crisp Sunday morning at 7 AM, as the Kisai team eagerly departed from their West Jakarta headquarters. The journey to Bandung began with a delightful bus ride, the first stop on their itinerary was the enchanting Farmhouse Lembang.

After a three-hour drive, the team arrived at Farmhouse Lembang, where they immersed themselves in the beautiful sceneries and engaged with the friendly inhabitants of the mini zoo. An ideal way to start the retreat, creating moments of joy.

Around 1 PM, the team headed to a nearby supermarket to gather supplies for the evening’s communal dinner. With ingredients in hand, they proceeded to their haven for the weekend: a villa within the Dago Resort area. The first evening was entrusted to Team 2, chosen before the trip, who skillfully whipped up a delectable dinner for their fellow travelers. The satisfying meal was followed by well-deserved rest, allowing everyone to recharge for the adventures that awaited.

Day two dawned as a day of exploration and individual pursuits. The Kisai team relished the opportunity to shape their own experiences, with options ranging from city tours and shopping to the simple pleasure of lounging within the comforts of the villa. A sumptuous breakfast, courtesy of Team 1, laid the foundation for a day.

As the day begin, Team 4 took the culinary reins, guiding their peers on an epicurean journey to Pasar Cihapit. Amidst local flavors and culinary treasures, the team experienced the flavorful Bandung’s culinary scene. Meanwhile, some team members indulged their sweet tooth at a local cake shop, embracing the flavors and ambiance that the city had to offer.

A serendipitous rain shower provided a refreshing reprieve from the Jakarta heat, further enhancing the experience. Those who opted for relaxation at the villa were treated to leisurely activities – napping, swimming, and engaging in friendly games – all while savoring delicious food. As the night settled in, after dinner made by Team 4, the ambiance seamlessly transitioned into a lively game and movie night. From card games and werewolf hunts to spine-tingling horror movies, the evening was a medley of entertainment, accompanied by a spread of delectable snacks.



The final day of this rejuvenating retreat began with a lavish breakfast, thoughtfully prepared by Team 3. While some savored their meal, others organized their belongings and readied themselves for check-out, a reminder that all good things must come to an end. Before bidding adieu to Bandung, the Kisai team ventured to Taman Hutan Raya Juanda, relishing a leisurely walk and hike amidst the idyllic hill and forest landscapes. Moments of respite were cherished, as the team savored noodles from local stalls peppered along the way.

As the retreat neared its conclusion, the team stopped by foods and souvenir shops in the Dago area, ensuring their journey concluded on a flavorful note. Laden with delectable treats and charming keepsakes, the Kisai team headed back to Jakarta, hearts brimming with memories of a pleasing journey.


In just two nights and three days, Kisai Entertainment’s Bandung escapade had not only deepened the bonds among team members but also provided a much-needed healing respite after a year of dedicated work.

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