Kisai Entertainment’s Tri-Sharing Sessions: A Way To Grow Creativity and Connection

Jakarta, – On September 22, 2023 At the heart of its operations, Kisai Entertainment upholds a set of core values that guide its day-to-day activities. Among these values is the belief in “Investing in Creativity,” reflecting Kisai’s unwavering support for its crews and artists in their continuous pursuit of learning and growth in creativity. This commitment is driven by the recognition of the ever-expanding global webtoon industry landscape, which demands constant advancement to remain competitive.

To prop up this dedication, Kisai employs various initiatives such as internal workshops, visits to partner offices, and bi-weekly internal tri-sharing sessions.

It started in early of 2023, the tri-sharing sessions have become a bi-weekly staple activity at Kisai’s main office. Each session spotlights three people from Kisai’s in-house team, each one is chosen to present in the engaging environment of the game room. In five minutes, these presenters share intriguing and informative insights on any subject matter of their choosing. The presentations are then followed by a lively Q&A segment, during which the audience can pose questions to the presenters.

The chosen topics for each presentation have encompassed a wide array of subjects. From fashion and music to travel and even pets, a diverse range of themes have been presented, enlightening the audience with fresh perspectives on matters they might not have encountered before. These tri-sharing sessions have evolved into highly anticipated activities for the Kisai team. Beyond the knowledge-sharing aspect, these sessions offer a unique opportunity for team members to gather, bond, and discover each other’s passions.

These sessions not only contribute to the expansion of the team’s knowledge but also foster a more profound sense of connection and togetherness within the Kisai family. They exemplify how an organization’s commitment to nurturing creativity can go beyond the professional sphere, creating a supportive community that encourages personal growth and genuine interaction.

As Kisai Entertainment continues to invest in creativity, these tri-sharing sessions stand as a testament to their dedication to intriguing development and the power of knowledge-sharing. In a world where adaptability and innovation are paramount, such initiatives are the building blocks for a team that not only thrives but truly excels in the ever-evolving landscape of the webtoon industry.

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