Kisai Goes to Comic Con Singapore 2023

Singapore, – On April 08, 2023, Kisai Entertainment has seized a golden opportunity to make its mark at Comic Con Singapore, collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemeparekraf) and the Indonesian Comic Artist Association (AKSI). During this exciting venture, a range of activities unfolded to showcase Kisai Entertainment’s commitment to the dynamic world of webtoons.

One highlight was the open portfolio review tailored for webtoonists, yielding remarkably positive responses and simultaneously providing Kisai Entertainment with exposure to the enthusiastic webtoon community in Singapore. The event served as a platform for emerging talents to connect with industry professionals and receive valuable feedback.

Networking proved to be a pivotal aspect of Kisai’s visit, as they engaged with potential clients and studios in Singapore, fostering collaborations that could potentially shape the future of webtoons in the region. The exchange of ideas and creative energy during these sessions laid the foundation for exciting prospects.

A significant moment unfolded as our CEO, Tessa YP, took center stage as a distinguished speaker. She offered insights into the impact of Kisai Entertainment on the Southeast Asian webtoon landscape, standing out as the sole female panelist. Her presence not only highlighted the company’s commitment to diversity but also emphasized Kisai’s role in shaping the narrative of the evolving webtoon industry in the region.

Returning from Comic Con Singapore 2023, Kisai Entertainment emerges as a key player in the Southeast Asian webtoon scene. The invaluable experiences, connections, and insights underscore Kisai’s commitment to the dynamic world of webtoons in the region. The journey marks a significant milestone in Kisai Entertainment’s mission to elevate and shape the narrative of Southeast Asian webtoons.

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