Strengthening Creative Bonds with Kisai Creator Meet-Up Jabodetabek

Jakarta, – On Saturday, June 22, 2024, Kisai Entertainment hosted a lively and interactive event, Meet-Up Creator Jabodetabek. Building on the success of last year’s smaller gathering, this year’s is a second annual Jabodetabek meet-up and it was significantly larger, taking place at the Arthama Hotel Wahid-Hasyim, Central Jakarta. This expansion reflects Kisai’s growth and its commitment to building a strong, supportive community among its artists and writers. 

The event kicked off at 11:15pm with a welcome from CEO Tessa Yp. In her speech, she took the opportunity to introduce each team at Kisai, and expressed her warm appreciation for the hard work and contributions of the Kisai team. She emphasized that Kisai Entertainment’s success is the result of the collective efforts of every level of the organization, highlighting the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

Picture 1 – Lunch with the creators of Kisai Entertainment


Following the speech, Head of Production, Luccian S., delivered an insightful session on effective communication. His presentation was aimed at improving creators’ ability to communicate clearly and efficiently, which is crucial for fostering a productive and harmonious work environment. Luccian’s session provided practical tips and strategies that can be implemented to improve team dynamics and project outcomes.

To further encourage interaction and camaraderie among creators, the event featured several group games with a creative twist. The first game was a drawing relay, where participants took turns sketching based on a given theme, and the last participant had to guess the drawing. The second game, “Connect the Lines,” required each participant to contribute one line at a time into a collaborative drawing. Hopefully, this game would foster teamwork and collective creativity in a fun way, as the creators had to build on each other’s contributions to create a complete image. 

Picture 2 – Our CEO gives a speech to Kisai creators


Throughout the event, the atmosphere was lively and filled with laughter. Participants enjoyed a mix of insightful discussions and fun activities, which fostered a sense of unity and friendship. Kisai Entertainment plans to host similar meet-ups in other regions such as Bandung and other areas across Java. The event was a proof of Kisai Entertainment’s commitment to creating a supportive environment for its creative community, where ideas can flourish, and bonds can be strengthened. -Kirara-

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