Tessa Yadawaputri Wins 8th Place in Djarum Superpreneur 2023, Leading as Sole Female Top 10 Grand Finalist

Jakarta, Kisaient.com – On October 23, 2023,  In the fiercely competitive landscape of Indonesian entrepreneurship, Djarum annually hosts the celebrated “Superpreneur” competition. With a substantial prize pool of 750 million rupiah, this event draws entrepreneurs from all corners of Indonesia, all vying for the coveted top spots. In a remarkable feat, Kisai Entertainment not only clinched the 8th position but also made history with its CEO, Tessa Yadawaputri, being the only female contestant in the top 10 grand finalists, securing a prize of 50 million Rupiah!

“Superpreneur” places a spotlight on businesses with unique products and the potential to collaborate with other industries. Securing a share of the prize pool entails navigating a rigorous competition process. The journey begins with video submissions, featuring over 4,000 contestants hailing from every corner of Indonesia. The top 25 finalists, representing various regions like West, East, Central, Outer Java, and Jabodetabek, are meticulously chosen. Kisai Entertainment successfully crossed the first hurdle, representing West Jakarta. The next stage involved competing with the remaining 25 regional finalists. Tessa astutely presented Kisai Entertainment’s business model, accomplishments, and potential collaborations with Djarum.

The path to victory was a journey of immense dedication and determination. Kisai was chosen to represent the Jabodetabek region, standing alongside four other finalists for the grand final phase. Here, 25 contestants embarked on a thrilling quest to secure a spot in the top 10 and ultimately seize the championship. The grand finale extended over four eventful days, where Tessa, along with other contestants, was immersed in business nurturing sessions with judges. The second day featured final assessment presentations, culminating in the eagerly anticipated award ceremony on the third day.

For the final assessment, Tessa adeptly tackled business challenges while showcasing the mockup and prototype of the collaboration product, as stipulated by Djarum for the competition. Her choice for collaboration was the Djarum Super Soccer Euro Futsal Competition 2023, and, with unwavering dedication, Tessa crafted an awe-inspiring Webtoon and motion graphics project to promote the event in under a week. Her presentation earned commendation from one of the judges, leading the way to the awarding night on the third day.

The grand final was a public spectacle, adorned with captivating displays and performances spanning the realms of music and art. Kisai, as one of the 25 grand finalists, received an exclusive booth to showcase an impressive array of products, including upcoming titles and physical copies of their best-selling Webtoons such as Arena and The Beginning After The End. The evening reached its zenith when the host unveiled the top 10 winners. After an arduous journey competing against more than 4,000 contestants over four months, Kisai Entertainment stood triumphant as one of the top 10 Superpreneurs of 2023. Notably, Tessa was the sole female contestant among the top 10, and Kisai was the only woman-owned business within this prestigious circle.

The final ranking placed Kisai at the 8th position, securing a prize of 50 million Rupiah. During her speech, Tessa took the opportunity to introduce Kisai Entertainment as the first and largest Webtoon production house in Indonesia. She emphasized her aspiration for more Indonesians to embrace Webtoons and to give the industry the attention it deserves. This vision aligns seamlessly with Kisai’s mission: to lead and elevate the standards of the Webtoon industry in Southeast Asia. This victory, marking the culmination of a rigorous competition journey, is just the initial stride toward the broader recognition and greater accomplishments that await Kisai Entertainment in the future.

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