Understanding the World of Illustration for Child’s Passion By Kisai Academy

Jakarta, Kisaient.com – On December 28, 2023, Kisai Academy successfully hosted an online webinar on December 22, 2023, entitled “Understanding the Creative Industry and Unraveling Your Child’s Passion for a Career in Illustration.” The event featured: Anna Farida, Family Education Book Author; Rucita Thea, Art Director at Kisai Entertainment; and Zaky Anvari, General Manager at Kisai Entertainment.

During the webinar, Zaky Anvari provided a comprehensive overview of the creative industry, highlighting the substantial growth of the webtoon market in South Korea. He addressed the burnout issue in creative jobs and gave parents tips on figuring out if their kid’s drawing obsession is a good or a not-so-good thing. He also squashed the stigma like, Is a creative job even a job?, explaining how vital creative gigs are in today’s world. The discussion then shifted to Kisai Entertainment, detailing the company’s collaborations with various countries and showcasing Kisai’s webtoon best sellers.

Next up, Rucita Thea spilled some more tea on careers in the creative world. She talked about the two main categories of jobs at Kisai: making stuff (production) and other cool roles (non-production). Rucita showed us the whole process  from sketch to color to making things even better after feedback. It’s not just drawing; it’s a journey of learning and putting your heart into it. Challenges include the creative world moving superfast, the rise of tech like AI, and needing major support from fam and friends.


Anna Farida, an expert in child development, then offered valuable insights on how parents can guide their children’s passion for illustration, emphasizing open communication, expanding knowledge, providing dialogues, and, most importantly, offering prayers. Simply, it’s all about talking, learning more, being open, and throwing in a few prayers for good measure.

In the Q&A, they spilled the beans on how Kisai handles tricky client requests and what to do if your kid’s drawings aren’t selling. There was also question on how to handle kids choosing art over academic, the answer is it’s not a simple “whatever floats their boat” but understanding why.

As the webinar concluded, there is hope that events like these will become a stepping stone for Kisai Academy to organize more informative sessions, assisting countless individuals navigating the intricacies of the creative industry. The knowledge shared during the webinar was anticipated to empower parents and aspiring artists, fostering a supportive environment for creative pursuits.

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