Jakarta, Kisaient.com – On March 23, 2024, Kisai Academy recently hosted its second W-TOON CAMP on Saturday, March 23, 2024, at the PointLab Co-Working Space in Bandung. With around 50 eager participants, the event was a vibrant hub of creativity and learning, led by Kisai’s Art Directors, Rucita and Caca.

In Bandung W-TOON CAMP, the main focus of the event was on the essential skills needed to become an excellent Colorist in the fast paced world of webtoons. Unlike the previous camp in Yogyakarta which focused on the role of Main Artist, this session delved into the subtleties of layer mastery, color basics, mood & effects, references, and depth of webtoon coloring.

This training is not just about mastering techniques; it is also about empowering the participants to tap into their innate creativity and unleash their full potential as Colorists. Kisai’s mission is to ensure that every participant, regardless of their level of experience, comes out of the bootcamp not only equipped with technical skills, but also with the confidence and vision to create captivating webtoon art.

Furthermore, the Bandung edition of W-TOON Camp was even more special. Participants had the amazing opportunity to receive personalized feedback on their portfolios from Alvian, Kisai’s Lead Art Editor, alongside technical sessions and career development discussions led by Kisai’s General Manager, Zaky. These in-depth reviews aimed to guide aspiring creators on their journey towards professional webtoon development and portfolio enhancement.

Hopefully this spirit can continue to exist in the next city: Makassar. See you, Kisai Enthusiast!

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